Wifi Dead Zone

In this digitally advanced country, humans are introduced to the internet as early as two years old, school is replaced by YouTube lessons, hugs and kisses with likes, and real-life emotions switched out with emoji. The primary source of communication is online chat rooms, with the Internet becoming just as essential as food and water.

Within this country is a hell on earth feared by all. Located right in the middle of the country, this city was created for people considered not ‘good enough’ by society. Here, they are completely cut off from the rest of the world. Between them and everyone else is a 500ft wall that surrounds the city; a wall so high it always casts its shadow over half the city.

An air ship flies over the city twice a day; first to airdrop food and the other to airdrop people. This is the hell no one escapes from. There are no police, or law agencies in the city. A land with only one rule: survive. In these conditions, time is all it takes for people to revert to their primal state; the instinctual desire to survive always wins out in the end, and it makes a savage out of the most timid human.

This forbidden city is called the Wi-Fi Dead Zone, also infamously known as the WDZ.