The Princess In The Castle

Once upon a time, there lived a princess in a small castle in the middle of a small town. The only way in or out of this castle was through a drawbridge. Under the drawbridge was a 10 foot drop with a moat that surrounded the castle filled with dangerous animals.

The princess was exquisite; she had chocolate brown skin, short curly black hair, light brown eyes, and a smile that could brighten the darkest rooms. A brain with a brilliant combination of street and book smarts with a heart of gold.

Every morning, the men who wanted to court her would crowd at her gates. Everyday they would come to the castle and ring its bell bearing gifts of gold and silver, begging for a chance to take her out on a date.

Larissa would appear at her castle’s window and look at them and their gifts.

A man once offered, "Larissa, I come to you with a gift of one million gold pieces!”

And another offered, “Ten million gold pieces, Larissa, ten million.”

A third offered, “A hundred million gold pieces for you Larissa!"

An unimpressed expression always came upon her face and she’d ask them a simple question, "Do you think that I am some commodity to be bought? Away with you all!" She would yell at them. Others came bringing livestock, lands and jewelry. And Larissa would always appear at her window with the same unimpressed expression on her face, asking the same question, before yelling for them to go away. Day after day, many men continued to try the same methods fully aware that so many have failed before them. Each thinking the reason for Larissa’s dismissal was the suitor being unworthy not his approach. One day however, a man named Jaden appeared before Larissa's gates. After he rang the castle bell, Larissa appeared in her castle window, ready to recite her question and dismissal statements. Jaden’s eyes widened in awe, and his mouth dropped uncontrollably. Never in his life had he seen a woman so fair and beautiful.

Larissa was somewhat surprised when she saw no present or gifts with the man. "What do you want?" she asked.

"Hello" Jaden replied.

“Hi, now what do you want?" She repeated.

"My name is Jaden. All I want is to give you this letter." The man said.

Larissa's face wore a confused expression. "Is that all?" She asked.

"Yes,” he replied, “I know you probably have other important things to do so you can open it whenever you're ready, I'll leave it at the gate.'' He slipped the letter under the gate and walked away.

Once he was out of sight, Larissa raced down to retrieve the letter, almost falling on her face twice. She had no idea about what it contained, and curiosity was eating her up. She retrieved the letter and returned to her castle. She tore open the letter and read it: "Hi, I would like to invite you to a day filled with many adventures. We'll start the day with a hike down the trails of the misty gardens. Half way through, we will settle among the singing flowers, on the soft green grass, for brunch.”

She thought to herself, "That would be awesome! Oh, how I love nature."

She continued reading "Next we will continue the hike until we reach Hidden falls, a waterfall with water clean enough to drink, and safe enough to swim.

"I always wanted to swim in a waterfall!" She squealed in her excitement before quickly putting a hand over her mouth, "I hope no one heard that'' she giggled like a five year old.

“We'll continue on the trail until we get to the windless cliff where we'll have dinner and watch the sunset. At night we'll lay under the stars next to a fire and tell stories all night. I'm not sure when you'll open this but if you're interested call me, if I don't answer I might be working, send me a text and I'll call you back."

As Larissa sat at the balcony, letter in hand, a smile that ran from ear to ear flitted across her features. She picked up her phone and couldn't seem to dial the numbers as fast as she wanted to. It rang once and a voice answered the phone…

"Hi, who is this?" Jaden said.

 She took a deep breath then said softly "Larissa".

"Does this mean what I think it means?!" Jaden said excitedly.

"It's clear you put in a lot of thought, creativity, time and effort into planning this day of adventures so yes,” she replied, her eyes closed momentarily, “I would love to join you on your adventure."

 “Our adventure Larissa, our adventure,” Jaden said

The End.