It was a beautiful night in The Den, the stars were out, and the sky was clear. The biggest three on three rabbit basketball tournament of the year just took place and a new best trio was crowned. They are known as Keyshawn the Giant, Erik the Smooth and Jordan the Butter. They were having the time of their lives; a feast was made in their honor and thousands of people chanted their names throughout the night. They were truly on top of the world.

After the festivities, the three Rabbits started walking home. As they made their way through the woods, they came across a sheep on the path. As they passed by, they expected the sheep to be in awe of the huge trophy they had just won. The sheep did no such thing; it just stared at them.

Jordan stopped and asked the sheep. "What are you looking at?" he said.

"Is there a problem? You must not know who we are," Erik said.

"We're the best basketball trio in the land, show some respect!" Keyshawn added throwing a dramatic punch in the air.

The sheep continued to stare, it neither spoke nor blinked, all it ever did was stare.

"He must be speechless standing before greatness" Erik chuckled.

"Or he's too stupid and doesn't know how to talk, " Jordan guffawed.

"Ha-ha, he is probably too stupid to talk,” Keyshawn laughed.

"Let's go, we have wasted enough of our greatest night ever on him," Jordan declared.

The rabbits continued their journey. As they were walking Erik asked, “Don’t you guys think it's weird that the sheep didn't blink?"

"He hasn’t figured out how to talk; he probably hasn’t figured out how to blink either. Keyshawn what do you think?" Jordan asked.

There was an awkward silence as Keyshawn gave no response. The two rabbits turned to look at Keyshawn or where he was supposed to be, their friend was nowhere to be found! They looked behind the trees and in the bushes nearby.

"I can't find him anywhere, do you see any trace of him, Erik?" Jordan asked.

Once again, no response, just silence. Jordan turned around and Erik was now gone too. All Jordan could hear was the crickets in the night and the wind blowing through the forest. He stood there, unimpressed. "Ha-ha, ok guys, you got me I was almost scared for a second," Jordan said as he started to turn around expecting his friends to pop out any minute. But still no sign of Keyshawn or Erik.

After standing for a minute, Jordan's facial expression began to change. The middle of his eyebrows angled towards his forehead, his cheeks fell, and a cold chill ran up his spine. How his lungs feel after playing nine games in one day couldn’t compete with how bad they felt now, the struggle for breath has never been worse than it was in that moment. The worst imaginable possibilities started to play out in his head. He skittered about and was about to yell their names again when he stopped suddenly.

He spotted the sheep he and his friends had passed earlier and ran towards it asking if it had seen his friends. When he got to the sheep he bent over and closed his eyes trying to catch his breath and asked again, "Have you seen my friends?"

The sheep gave no response. As Jordan bent over with his eyes closed, he realized something; the whole time he ran to the sheep he was looking at its face waiting for a reply the sheep never blinked, not even once! He also realized it has had the same facial expression since he had first seen it.

As he opened his eyes he saw what looked like fresh blood on the ground. Jordan's eyes widened so much that his eyeballs threatened to pop out of his head. His heart failed him, and his body froze in fear.

The sheep started to speak, "I was going to let you and your friends pass me back there, I had just eaten. I felt good. But then, you started to make fun of me and it hurt my feelings."

Jordan heard a low growl and whipped his head back up. The sheep was gone, instead he saw a blood thirsty wolf. The Wolf’s eyes intensely focused on Jordan; drool dripped from its mouth. it bared its fierce looking fangs and attacked!

The End.