How does the raffle work?

Once you order the raffles you will recieve a email with your order number. Your order number is your raffle number. Each product will have their own raffle.

Example: if you buy 3 raffles and received a email with the order number 1030, 3 raffles will go in the pot with the number 1030. 

How does ordering different raffles work?

Each raffle is only good for the product it was purchased from. Multiple raffles in the same order will recieve one order number. That order number will be used for all tickets in each raffle. 

Example: someone buys 3 Hawks Athletic Shoes raffles, 2 Hawks Tee raffles, 5 Hawks Hoodie raffles and their order number is 1030. 3 tickets with 1030 on them will go in the Hawks Athletic Shoes raffle. 2 tickets with 1030 on them will go in the Hawks Tee raffle. 5 tickets with 1030 on them will go in the Hawks Hoodie raffle.

 How do you know if you've won?

The drawing will be live through our facebook page: Silence Confidence Store. The results will be posted on our website. We will also email you.