About Us:

Silent confidence is an online clothing store dedicated to diversity, uniqueness, and originality. Our motto is "Wear what you love & love what you wear!" Our gear will make you stand out anywhere you are in the world.   

Our Mission:

Silent Confidence’s mission is to create financial opportunities and help people build confidence. We have created financial opportunities through creating a platform that our employs can thrive in. We are continuously working to improve our team's numbers and opportunities.   

Our Commitment:

We are committed to making something for everyone, we have a lot of artists within our company, they help ensure that no matter what your style is you will find something you love.

We strive to grow designers viewers and create a positive impact on our communities and on the world. We hope while you were here you found something you loved! 


Starting next year, A post will be made on Instagram and Facebook every month for a different cause. It asks that people give at least a dollar to a certain cause. $1 does not sound like much but as our community grows $1 a person will turn into $100 then $1000 and hopefully by working together, we can all make positive change for others! Check out our give back section for upcoming causes.


The Playground is exactly what it sounds like it is a playground for our graphic design team. This section of the website is completely artist driven. All designs were made willingly and thought of by the artist, not one person tells them what to make its them at their rawest! The Playground can be broken down into 2 play activities.

Monkey Bars: 

At The Monkey Bars Our Artists Take On The Challenge Of Creating A Collection Alone! 


Rules Of Tag:

1) You Need 2 Or More People

2) You Can't Tag Yourself

3) You Must Stay Within The Playing Field