About Us

Silent confidence is an online clothing store dedicated to diversity, uniqueness, and originality. Our motto is "Wear what you love & love what you wear!" Our gear will make you stand out anywhere you are in the world. Silent Confidence’s mission is to create financial opportunities and help build confidence in people. We create financial opportunities by employing a lot of people. We opened the store with 18 designers in total and 10 spokespeople , we continue to work to improve our team's numbers!  We help build confidence through a couple different ways such as our yoga partnership, having a lot of designers ensures that your style or type of design you will love has a better chance of showing up no matter who you are.  will show up. through never before seen designs. We strive to grow our business and create a positive impact on our communities and on the world. We hope while you were here you found something you loved!


The Silent Playground is exactly what it sounds like it's is a playground for our graphic design team. This section of the website is completely designer driven. All designs were made willingly, not one person tells them what to make its them at their rawest! The Silent Playground can be broken down into categories or play areas.

Curfew: Limited edition products, product will either have a clock ticking down or a number of available products. Once either product hits 0 you can no longer purchase that product. 


Sandbox: Collections with 3 or more designers working on the same theme using their unique perspectives.

Jungle Gym: Collections created by only 1 designer.

Seesaw: pairs of products that oppose each other. Pick your side! 

The Slide: Independent designs that don't belong to any of the above categories.